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Action packed outdoor activities for U16


Paintballing, Outdoor Laser Combat, and a range of exciting non-combat activities guarantee a challenging and fun day out for any U16 group. All activities are available 7 days a week and are delivered by our fully trained staff.


All activities except paintballing are available from age 8.

Get OUT and get ACTIVE at Warped Sports.

U16 activities at Warped Sports Wolverhampton

Age 12+ (must be year 7 at school)


Paintball at Warped is a real-life combat experience. Played over a wide range of maps and game formats including Team Death-Match, Capture The Flag, Domination, Sabotage and more! Combat Gaming just got REAL !


Paintballing (full impact)

From £5 per person


All the fun of paintball with lower impact weapons and paintballs.

For the adventurous who want the thrill of the battle, and the rush that only paintball brings - with a bit less jeopardy built in !!



Low Impact Paintballing 

From £5 per person

Age 10+

Age 8+

Mini Paintball

Our Mini Paintball sessions are played on the same game maps used for our adult paintball. Younger players can now experience the unique rush only paintball offers, with these lower impact weapons and smaller calibre ammo.
2 hour sessions with UNLIMITED AMMO
NO EXTRA expenditure is required for ammo !

£25 per person

Age 7+

Laser Combat


Bullpup P90 and MP7 replica weapons are used in this outdoor combat activity played on our award winning game maps.

Adrenalin fuelled non-stop action guaranteed!



From £15 per person

Age 8+

Combat Archery


Archery Tag with a twist of Warped! 

Experience the thrill of combat like the true warriors of old, using the latest combat archery equipment. Facemask, coverall, and introductory tuition provided. Family friendly and a great buzz for all ages.

From £20 per person*

*Group booking price

Age 8+

£30 per person


Combine fun with lots of fresh air and a little light exercise with our fantastic Treasure Hunt activity, tailored to suit your group.



Treasure Hunt





Target Shooting

From £20 per person*


Our purpose built target ranges, suitable for all abilities, combined with quality weapons and expert instructors, will help bring out the marksman in you.



*Group booking price

Age 8+

Age 8+

Assault Course

Get down & dirty with this military style Assault Course activity available for all ages, fitness levels, and group sizes.

From £20 per person*

*Group booking price

*Group booking price

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