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Paintball for all at Warped Sports

Paintball is primarily a team sport, which requires some amount of strategy and execution to achieve success when all the players work together as a team.


Playing paintball promotes team spirit and can also improve leadership skills.


Tense situations in the game bring out the best in many players and boost their self confidence.


All ages and personalities can enjoy a fantastic experience, which brings the best out of even the seemingly meek, and can prove a great leveller for the brashest !



For over 25 years Warped have been delivering awesome paintball experiences for all ages.



Our award winning site at Cosford, Wolverhampton has seen continuous development and is now the Midlands largest paintball & outdoor combat games playground.



Our staff earn and wear their Warped "blues" uniform with pride! Fully trained, enthusiastic, and helpful, you will find them commited to delivering a fantastic unique experience.



Our game maps and formats are developed to provide immersive, realistic, battle simulation.

FULL Impact Paintball

Age 12+ at Warped

FULL IMPACT Paintball is the version of the game you will likely know of. Using semi-automatic weapons shooting full size (.68 calibre) paintballs.
Get outta the pub or off the computer and get together for an adrenaline fuelled experience.

LOW Impact Paintball

Age 10+ at Warped

LOW IMPACT Paintball is NEW ! .. and uses a smaller, lighter .50 calibre paintball (instead of the traditional .68 calibre) that transfers less impact energy onto its target and is fired by a lighter-weight, semi-automatic paintball marker.

JUNIOR Paintball

Age 10+ at Warped

JUNIORS can play either FULL or LOW impact paintball provided they meet the age requirements.
Played over a wide range of maps and game formats including Team Death-Match, Capture The Flag, Domination, Sabotage and more!



Age 8+ at Warped

MINI Paintball means younger players can now experience the unique rush only paintball offers, with much lower impact weapons and smaller calibre ammo.
The balls still splat ! The heart still beats faster ! and the mind must react with lightning speed to win in MiniBall.

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Paintball Game Maps at Warped Sports Wolverhampton
Paintball FAQs at Warped Sports







Over 100,000 customers have enjoyed a great day out at Warped Wolverhampton. Here at Warped we understand what you want from your Paintball experience. Whether you are organizing your own party or arranging for someone else our absolute goal is to make sure everyone goes home smiling and exhausted! 

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