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paintball map at warped
Jungle Fortress

Heavily defendable - The African style Jungle fortress is a tough installation to capture. Try  full frontal assault, approach stealthily through the undergrowth, or unseen via the riverbank. 

paintball map at warped
Signal Post

The scene of many epic battles at Warped. The Signal Post Map consists of varied woodland, a steep Valley on one side, an open track on the other, and the Signal Post Compound in the middle.

paintball map at warped

A post apocalyptic scene awaits in the BIOHAZARD Map.

Semi-destroyed ruins and underground concrete bunkers must be negotiated to win on this intense  map.

Paintball game maps at Warped Cosford


Built by our expert game design staff. Usually 8-10 PAINTBALL & LASER COMBAT game maps are in play depending on time of year, maintenance and upgrade schedules etc. Your day out on site will be structured to include a range  of game scenario types. Here are a few of the maps regularly in play..

paintball map at warped

A superb map with many obstacles including fallout shelters, abandoned vehicles, and mock nuclear warheads populate the FALLOUT Map. 

Good battlefield Communications & Teamwork are essential to win !


paintball map at warped
Tomb Warrior

Dark. Moody. Scary.

The Tomb Warrior Map contains remnants of a ruined castle, a 60ft cliff face, and challenging river crossings. A truly atmospheric map perfect for the Horror or Zombie Hunter vibe !.

paintball map at warped

Move FAST and use your weapon to provide cover on the SPEEDBALL map. 

These missions favour the agile and braver players. Be READY to fly into action from the very first seconds to have any chance of winning.


paintball map at warped
Vietcong Village

Set on a steep hillside this map is built in the style of a sleepy Vietnam war era village. Close Quarters hut to hut combat is required to win the missions played here.


paintball map at warped

Not for the faint hearted !! Our extensive TRENCHES system really gets the adrenalin pumping. Crawl in the dirt and wait to be over-run? or get up n at the enemy over the top? You will never forget your first game in the Warped Trenches.


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