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Extra steps to a great day out

We're open (in adherence with Government guidelines, of course) and it's awesome to be welcoming folks like you to our Cosford venue to experience the great outdoors in all it’s glory!


All of our offerings are physical outdoor activities and are unique, exciting ways to stay active; our Crew are over the moon to be putting their expertise into practice for those that need a bit of adrenaline in their lives!


We are blessed in many respects that our paintball & activities are played outdoors, in the fresh air, and that all of our activities are non-contact recreations, taking place in a huge area of woodland! In light of the current government easing of covid restrictions, we continue to have a few extra steps in place to help you to stay safe on your next visit whilst you enjoy your fantastic outdoor adventure.

What we are doing..

  • Individually issuing equipment. Any equipment that you need for your activity will be directly issued to you and we have implemented a system for you to tag key bits of gear so that you know it’s yours for the duration of your visit. We’re also following strict procedures to make sure that once a piece equipment has been used, it isn’t re-issued to anyone else until it has gone through our enhanced cleaning cycle. In addition, we have an increased stock of upgrade paintball goggles available (at a subsidised price) for anyone that prefers to purchase a brand new set.  


  • Maintaining our enhanced cleaning regime. We’ve always prided ourselves on keeping things in great condition, but right now we’re carrying on going all-out to go beyond our usual standards. This includes provision of hand sanitizer, and increasing the frequency of cleanliness checks across the venue, especially within high-traffic areas


  • With the relaxing of social-distancing rules, we will no longer be implementing “pods” or limiting maximum group sizes. Our base-camp staging area is large (we’ve recently added extra staging bays too) and has ample space for players to maintain suitable distances from each other should they wish to.


  • Making contactless payment available up to £45. So that you can pay on-site by whatever means suits you best. Cash, card, and contactless will all be accepted.   



While you’re with us, we ask that you..




  • Politely respect the preferences of other players/guests around you.


  • You may stay in your car upon arrival at our meeting point car park if you want to (but this is no longer required). You will be greeted and directed onwards by a member of event staff.


  • Stay at home if you (or a member of your household) exhibit covid symptoms.


  • Complete your activity declaration form (downloadable from the bottom of any page of this website) prior to arrival, wherever possible, and bring it with you on the day.


  • Make sure that you only use the equipment that has been issued to you.


  • Get ready to have some good old-fashioned FUN!


These steps reflect our current measures planned and put into place. We may adjust these, depending on Government guidelines, as we move forward but right now this is our focus.

We are now




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