MINI Paintball    Age 8+ at Warped

Our Mini Paintball sessions are played on the same game maps used for our adult paintball.
Younger players can now experience the unique rush only paintball offers, with these lower impact weapons and smaller calibre ammo.
The balls still splat ! The heart still beats faster ! and the mind must react with lightning speed to win in MiniBall. 
Our 2 hour sessions include full safety instruction and supervision, all equipment required and UNLIMITED AMMO - all for a single fixed price. NO EXTRA expenditure is required for ammo !

- 140FPS velocity


mini paintball gun
mini paintball warriors at warped
mini paintball warriors at warped

mini paintball guns at warped
mini paintball guns at warped


mini paintball warriors at warped
mini paintball warriors at warped



Featuring the JT SplatMaster z200 Shotgun. The smooth, quick pump action and 15 round magazine make for endless shooting fun. Whether shooting targets or playing against friends, the z200 has you covered. Shooting up to 30+ metres, the z200 shoots straight and true with marksman accuracy up to 20 metres.




Available 7 days a week, our regular 2 hour Mini Paintball are a fun, exciting activity for any age group - All paintballs are INCLUDED with this package.
Each participant will also include a hot snack, drink, and a commemorative custom engraved dogtag !!
Call 01902 455455 for more info or BOOK NOW 
An event co-ordinator will contact you to discuss your visit.

Mini Paintball SESSIONS


per person

(2 hours session)